En France Private Group Tours


Private Group of 9 in Champagne, Burgundy and Provence with our French friends

You want to travel in France with a few family members or like-minded friends; you want an itinerary specially designed to follows your particular interests; and you want your trip to bring wonderful, unforgettable experiences to everyone traveling with you.

You are right! When we travel with people special to us, we share unique experiences that bring us together and create memories that forever after have special meaning to our small group. Long after we return home we delight in recalling and reliving together the deliciously unexpected happenings of our travels: the superb dinner we shared in a simple mom-and-pop restaurant in Provence; the friendly Parisian who walked us personally to the nearest Métro station when we were lost; the thrill of entering a 12th-century Gothic cathedral while the organist just happened to be rehearsing; the hike in the Alps that led to the discovery of a family who made delicious local cheese and shared some with us. Such encounters, thrilling, hilarious or harrowing, form special bonds that last a lifetime.

But how do you set up such special travel when you are unfamiliar with the country, the culture, the language, and when you really don't have time to research all the possibilities?

En France Tours can help you. All of us at En France Tours are bilingual and have many years of experience living, working and traveling in France. We return regularly to scout out new and different sites and to revisit familiar areas to keep abreast of recent changes. We are committed to helping you set up a trip that follows your own special interests and makes your stay in France unforgettable.

Our private tours are hassle free. We offer you information and suggestions for choices of itinerary and activities, and we take care of all the practical details. You won't have to worry about making your own reservations for lodgings or transportation, or about getting lost and spending precious time trying to find your way, or looking for English speakers to help. You and your friends will be free to enjoy the great cultural diversity that France offers to its visitors.

Take a look at the services that En France Tours will provide. We will:

Sunflowers in Provence

Carefully evaluate your request and your special interests for travel in France.
Exchange ideas about travel plans that match your interests.
Tell you about particular aspects of each region of France that may be important to you.
Reserve lodgings according to the type, comfort, and location you prefer.
Reserve English-speaking local guides for you, as desired.
Provide comfortable transportation for your daily explorations and transfers.
Help you to plan a daily itinerary that matches your expectations.

Roussillon in Provence

Take you to local restaurants and recommend menus that will help you enjoy French cuisine and its regional diversity.
Introduce you to our French friends whenever possible.
Recommend driving routes that will take you through the most scenic country or will get you to your destination in the least amount of time.
Provide an experienced En France Tours driver-guide to accompany you and your friends throughout your trip.
Recommend special activities that you may want to include in your itinerary: scenic walks or hikes, balloon flights, boat trips, day excursions from Paris, etc.

Our goal is to help you plan a visit to France that you will always remember as one of the most enjoyable vacations you have had.

How much does it cost?

For an 8-day/7-night guided tour with accommodations in a 4-star hotel or B&B:

For a party of 4, the per-person price starts at $3,900.00

For an 8-day/7-night guided tour with accommodations in a 3-star hotel or B&B:

For a party of 4, the per-person price starts at $2,800.00

Included in tour price: Accommodations in double-occupancy rooms; breakfast daily; an experienced En France driver-guide to accompany you during the tour; transportation in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle; En France Tours' travel-planning services to create your travel itinerary and make all reservations.

Not included in tour price: Meals other than breakfast, beverages other than at breakfast, local guides, entrance fees.

Prices are given in U.S. dollars based on exchange rates and costs known at the time of publication.

How can I start?

Tell people around you about your dream vacation in France.

Tell us which region or theme you want to explore and let us plan the details.

Check our tried-and-true tours that have been favorites with past groups.

Check our tours to discover itineraries that will help you start your travel planning.
Keep what you like; change what you don't.

Our experts will take care of every aspect of your trip: Guides, lodging, transportation, etc.

You and your group can relax and enjoy France in style!