The Treasures of Burgundy

In Burgundy fine wine is only the beginning of the treasures. It was for centuries a vast duchy, larger and more powerful than France. Its dukes sponsored artists and architects, medieval religious communities built impressive churches, generations of monks patiently cultivated vines and improved techniques of fermentation and aging to create great vintages.

Burgundians are proud of their ancient heritage, but they also delight in the treasures of Burgundy today. Just as history buffs and art lovers appreciate the region's cultural treasures, outdoor enthusiasts seek out its rich forests and waterways, its hiking trails and towpaths. And everyone enjoys tasting the specialties of local chefs, who have always been noted for their fine regional dishes.


Dijon, known for art, elegance . . . and mustard!
Beaune, heart of the Burgundy region, storehouse of historic treasures.
Vézelay, magnificent hilltop Romanesque basilica.
Villages and vineyards renowned for their fine wines, among them Chablis, Pommard and Meursault.
Wine cellars in picturesque villages - wine tasting with local vintners.
Fontenay and other medieval monasteries where early monks pioneered wine production.
Some of the finest regional cuisine in France.


July 04, 2016 - July 11, 2016

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