Land of Myths and Legend

Isolated in the northwest corner of France and an independent duchy for centuries, Brittany long ago developed a distinctive culture, blending the mysterious and the practical. Celts from ancient Britain gave Brittany its name, early language and a legacy of myths, which include King Arthur and his Round Table. Towering stone megaliths, set in place by Neolithic people for reasons that still baffle archaeologists, dot the landscape and reinforce the air of mystery that pervades the area.


Guimiliau - The Creation of Eve

As independent as their Celtic forebears, modern Bretons are shaped by the sea and the land, a history of seafarers, pirates, farmers and merchants, and they take pride in blending traditional customs, costumes and legends with a vibrant modern culture. Be prepared for intriguing contradictions!

The Emerald Coast between Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo, where explorers and pirates set sail for the New World.
Intricately carved stone figures of the parish closes of Guimiliau, Saint-Thégonnec or Pleyben.
Quimper, home of Brittany's colorful glazed earthenware; Rennes, regional capital and Brittany's largest city; Pont Aven, home to Paul Gauguin in the 1880s.
The enchanted Brocéliande Forest, land of King Arthur. Hear ancient tales of Brittany's legendary past.
Picturesque fishing towns and villages.


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