A Land of a Resilient People

Straddling the border between France and Spain, the Basque Country is one of the most fascinating and mysterious regions in Europe. No one knows for sure where the original Basques came from; their language is unlike any other and is virtually unpronounceable to outsiders. The landscape encompasses craggy coastal cliffs, lush countrysides and rugged mountain peaks crisscrossed with trails carved out by shepherds and smugglers. Basque culture is neither truly French nor Spanish, but carries nuances of both with distinct Basque overtones. Our tour takes you to both sides of the border of this intriguing country.



Explore historic Bayonne, elegant Biarritz and colorful Saint-Jean-de-Luz in the French Basque country.
Discover the charm of farming and fishing villages: Donibane, Hondarribia, Ainhoa, Espelette, and more.
Visit the Villa Arnaga, lovely home and gardens of Edmond Rostand, author of "Cyrano de Bergerac."
Explore the amazing Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.
Sample an incredible variety of tapas at romantic sidewalk cafés in San Sebastián.
See Guernica, whose destruction and suffering during the Spanish Civil War was memorialized by Picasso.
Savor delicious Basque cuisine on both sides of the border.


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